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Scores with at least one part for horn.
  • Bach - Prelude & Fugue - Wind Quintet

    bach wtc 1 22 ww5.image 240pxPrelude and Fugue, WTC Book I, No.22, by J.S.Bach

    Transcribed for Woodwind Quintet by John W. Pratt, PDF $16.00

    Though written for keyboard, this Prelude and Fugue from Book I of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier is wonderfully adaptable to an instrumental quintet.  The Prelude, with its serene harmonic pacing, reveals an almost Schubertian sublime beauty, and the magical counterpoint of the five-part fugue emerges crystal-clear.  The challenge for the players, as well as the pleasure, lies in ensemble achievements, not technical difficulties in individual parts.  Scored for Flute, Oboe, B-flat Clarinet, Horn, and Bassoon, with an alternate part for Alto Flute in place of Oboe.  Click to preview p1 of the score for the Bach Prelude and Fugue for woodwind quintet Prelude and Fugue for woodwind quintet.

    Score, 6 pages; Parts, 2 pages each for Flute, Oboe (plus alternate Alto Flute), Clarinet, Horn, and Bassoon; Total, 20 pages.

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  • Bloom - From the Drawer - Tenor or Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn

    Bloom FTD nsmFrom the Drawer, by Peter H. Bloom

    Contemporary Composition for Tenor or Soprano, with Flute (doubling Piccolo), Clarinet in B-flat, Bassoon, and Horn in F

    Score and Parts, PDF $13.99

    Peter H. Bloom is a Boston-based flutist, whose original compositions and arrangements are published by Noteworthy Sheet Music.  From the Drawer was written for Tenor or Soprano, with Flute (doubling Piccolo), Clarinet, Bassoon, and Horn, and provides a musical setting for the intensely emotional poem by Constantine Cavafy.

    Here are Peter Bloom's comments about From the Drawer from the composer's preface (Copyright © 2015) to the edition:

    "Constantine Cavafy’s 1923 poem, From the Drawer, captures the acerbic condition of longing, the impossibly private nature of affection, and the occultation of time. Its poignancy is universal; transcending gender, age, era, place, and even translation. Rather than rely on one particular translation of Cavafy’s text, I’ve drawn on a number of versions to arrive at a paraphrase that both informs and is shaped by the musical score.

    The musical setting is a sonic image of the intensely emotional response to a flood of memory that informs the poet’s narrative: now pensive, now anxious, now wistful, now joyous, now fraught, now resigned, and ever mercurial."  P. H. Bloom, September 19, 2015

    Our sheet music edition of From the Drawer was featured on the New Products page of the Summer 2016 edition of "The Flutist Quarterly", journal of The National Flute Association.

    Score, 14 pages; Tenor or Soprano part, 2 pages; Flute part, 4 pages; Clarinet part, 3 pages; Bassoon part, 3 pages; Horn part, 3 pages; Total, 29 pages.

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  • Figueiredo - Na Rua Dos Meus Ciúmes - WW5

    figueiredo image rrNa Rua dos Meus Ciúmes, Traditional Fado

    Arranged for Woodwind Quintet by Antonio F. Figueiredo

    Parts and Score, PDF $10.00

    Na Rua Dos Meus Ciúmes is a traditional Portugese fado, still highly popular among recording artists today.  This passionate love song tells the story of the intense jealousy experienced by a girl upon seeing her lover pass by with another woman on the street near her home.  Though her pain is palpable, the girl is proud and determined to endure her suffering resolutely and without tears.figueiredo.cover

    Antonio Figueiredo was born in the Azores, Portugal, and now resides in Massachusetts.  He grew up listening to (and falling in love with) fado music, with all its romance and passion, and its timeless themes of love, loss, jealousy, poverty, and the sea.  Figueiredo is a bassoonist who plays regularly in various orchestras and chamber music groups in the Boston area.  He enjoys arranging folk tunes for woodwind quintet, and he created this delightful and engaging arrangement of Na Rua Dos Meus Ciúmes for one of his own groups.  The piece is scored for flute, oboe, clarinet in B-flat, horn in F, and bassoon.  Click to preview p1 of the score.

    "This brief piece is a charming addition to the quintet repertory."  Read John Ranck's full review of Figueiredo's arrangement of Na Rua Dos Meus Ciúmes on either the Flute Focus or the NSM website.  

    Score, 5 pages; Parts, 1 page each; Total, 12 pages.

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  • Lane - Danzas Mecánicas - Wind Quintet

    lane.danzasmecnicas imageDanzas Mecánicas, by Peter Van Zandt Lane

    Contemporary Composition for Wind Quintet, PDF $30.00

    Peter Van Zandt Lane is a Boston-based composer and bassoonist.  His compositions have been performed across the United States, as well as in Europe and South America, by acclaimed musicians and ensembles such as The Cleveland Orchestra, SIGNAL, International Contemporary Ensemble, Dinosaur Annex, New York Virtuoso Singers, Triton Brass, Xanthos Ensemble, East Coast Composers Ensemble, EAR Duo, Quux Collective, and NotaRiotous.  He has written for chamber ensemble, wind ensemble, orchestra, and choir, and often employs the use of electronics in his works.

    Lane's Danzas Mecánicas - for woodwind quintet (2011) is an exciting 3-movement, 10-minute piece of fairly high difficulty scored for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon.  Click to preview p1 of the score (rotate view after opening).

    A recording of the piece performed by the Solar Winds Quintet at Slosberg Hall, Brandeis University, in October, 2013 can be heard on YouTube.

    Score, 26 pages; Parts, 49 pages; Total, 78 pages.

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  • Lane - Seven Rants - Wind Quintet & Piano

    lane.sevenrants nsmSeven Rants, by Peter Van Zandt Lane

    Contemporary Composition for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, and Piano, PDF $0.00

    Peter Van Zandt Lane was commissioned to compose this piece for the 67th Composers Conference and Chamber Music Workshop at Wellesley College, which took place in the summer of 2011.   The annual Conference is a wonderful two-week event, which brings together prominent young composers, superb professional musicians, dedicated amateur chamber musicians, and enthusiastic listeners.   The professional musicians premiere the composers' new works and also coach the amateur musicians in chamber ensembles. Concerts are free and open to the public.  For more information on the program, please visit the Composers Conference website.

    After the Conference each year, one of the composer fellows is selected to create a new work for the next year's chamber music workshop participants.   That composer returns the following summer to coach two groups of players on the new composition, in preparation for performances in the Saturday evening concerts of Week I and Week II.   Peter Van Zandt Lane's Seven Rants was an enormous success in 2011, absolutely loved by the players and received exceptionally well by the audience.   Written for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, and piano, Seven Rants is a series of seven delightful and diverse movements.  The first and last movements are strict palindromes.  The five middle movements or "rants" are "mini-concertos", each highlighting a different wind instrument.   Great fun to play, and highly accessible.

    With permission from both the composer and the Wellesley Composers Conference and Chamber Music Center, Noteworthy Sheet Music is thrilled to offer our customers a free PDF download of Seven Rants by Peter Van Zandt Lane.   And please check out more of this terrific young composer's work, including two other listings in the NSM catalog, Danzas Mecánicas and Transverse Fractures.

    Score, 37 pages: Flute part, 10 pages; Oboe part, 9 pages; Clarinet part, 10 pages; Horn part, 9 pages; Bassoon part, 9 pages; Piano part, 15 pages; Total, 103 pages.

  • Schubert - Death and the Maiden - WW5

    Simeon_Loring_photoDeath and the Maiden, Op.95, by Franz Schubert

    Arranged for Woodwind Quintet by Simeon Loring


    Simeon Loring is a retired professor of music at CUNY (City University of New York). He played for many years with the Goldman Band and also served as conductor. He is now essentially a chamber music player, and is the clarinetist in the L'Amore della Musica woodwind quintet. He has been a member of the Amato Opera and is on the Board of Directors of the Amore Opera in New York City. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation and is the music director of the Stockbridge Sinfonia in Massachusetts.

    Mr. Loring has arranged music for various ensembles over the years. Regarding his arrangement of Schubert's String Quartet No. 14 in D minorfor woodwind quintet he writes: "Schubert's Death and the Maiden is one of the great masterworks of the Romantic Era.  I have attempted to keep the pathos and beauty while changing the instrumentation.  We woodwind players need the opportunity to experience the sublime beauty of this work."  Click to preview p1 of the score.

    The arranger has provided his piece as four independent movements which may be purchased separately; each movement contains the score and parts for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon.  Alternatively, the piece may be downloaded as a complete edition, which contains the score and parts for all four movements combined into a single pdf.   

    Complete Edition (Movements 1-4), Score & Parts, 296 pages, PDF $60.00

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    1st Movement, Score & Parts, 96 pages, PDF $29.95

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    2nd Movement, Score & Parts, 51 pages, PDF $16.95 

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    3rd Movement, Score & Parts, 41 pages, PDF $16.95

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    4th Movement, Score & Parts, PDF 120 pages, $29.95

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  • Valerius/Kremser/Pratt - We Gather Together - arr. WW5

    Cover We-Gather-Together WW5 NSMWe Gather Together, by Adrianus Valerius

    Arranged for Woodwind Quintet by John W. Pratt
    Score and Parts for Flute, Oboe, Bb Clarinet, F Horn, and Bassoon; PDF $5.99


    Wilt heden nu treden, nowadays more commonly known as We Gather Together, is a Christian hymn of Dutch origin composed by Adrianus Valerius and first published in 1626 (; it was later harmonized by Eduard Kremser (  In the United States, We Gather Together is the most popular song traditionally associated with the Thanksgiving holiday.  John Pratt has created an arrangement of We Gather Together for woodwind quintet that lends new excitement and interesting harmonies to this old favorite.  In his family, the tradition goes back as far as John Pratt (b. 1931) can remember, and when it fell to him to play all three stanzas at his family's annual gathering, he got interested in livening it up.  The opportunistic half-step modulations introduced to help amateur voices warm up also brighten successive stanzas for winds.  Our Noteworthy Sheet Music edition includes a score in concert pitch, as well as parts for flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, horn in F, and bassoon.

    To listen to a computer-generated audio file of the WW5 arrangement, click the link.    

    Of course, the piece will sound much better live on real instruments.

    Note that for this publication, the parts should be printed one-sided since they are only one page each and we have not inserted blank filler pages.

    Score, 3 pages; Parts for Flute, Oboe, Bb Clarinet, F Horn, and Bassoon, 1 page each; Total, 10 pages.

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