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Uncommon Sheet Music for Flute and Alto Flute


Coste’s Les Regrets-Cantilène, Op.36, was written for oboe or violin with piano or harp or guitar. The piece, melodic and sentimental, falls nicely within the sweet range of the alto flute and our transposition sounds appealing and completely natural on that instrument. In fact, Les Regrets-Cantilène is gorgeous on either flute or alto flute. Our edition includes a score in concert pitch and a part suitable for flute, oboe or violin, as well as a part transcribed for alto flute in G.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Vercoe on the release of her new CD, Butterfly Effects and Other Works by Elizabeth Vercoe (Navona Records NV6196), which features the title track played by Bloom and Rupert of the duo "2".  The sheet music for Butterfly Effects, a delightful suite of seven contrasting movements for C flute, alto flute, bass flute, piccolo and concert harp, was published by NSM.  For additional information about other works included on the CD, visit the Navona website for details.
Lydia Kakabadse set to music the words of Thomas Hood’s 1843 poem The Song of the Shirt.  Written for soprano and piano, the piece has a beautiful, haunting melody, infused with pathos and menace that support the heartbreaking, melancholic text.  The music is inspired and expressive, and works beautifully alone as a sort of “song without words” for an instrumental duo of alto flute (in lieu of voice) and piano.
Our congratulations go out to NSM contributing composer Lydia Kakabadse on being commissioned by The Hellenic Institute at Royal Holloway University of London to write a choral work for mixed choir with harp (entitled Odyssey) to mark the closing of The Hellenic Institute’s 25th anniversary celebrations.  Odyssey will be premiered by The Choir of Royal Holloway at the College Chapel on Saturday 27th October 2018.  Whilst Royal Holloway will be sending out full details of the concert nearer the time, The Hellenic Institute has included brief details on their website – please click on the link, scroll down and click on News and Events: