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  • bauer op.22 nsmSonata, Op.22, by Marion Bauer

    Transcribed for Alto Flute by Peter H. Bloom (originally for viola)

    Alto Flute Part, PDF $11.79

    The following notes are excerpted, with permission, from the complete copyrighted foreword written by Peter H. Bloom for the Noteworthy Sheet Music edition of his transcription:

    "The career of Marion Eugenie Bauer (1882-1955) as a composer, editor, writer, teacher, supportive colleague and mentor continues to assert a significant impact on the trajectory of American Music.  It's mysterious that her legacy has been so rarely recalled and her music so infrequently performed in the six decades following her death.  ...  In 1906 she was the first of generations of American composers to study in Paris with the redoubtable Nadia Boulanger.  ...  We're fortunate that the composer crafted her own superb transcription of this sonata for clarinet and piano.  In order to achieve the equivalent musical impact, her viola and clarinet versions differ in some places.  The piano part, nevertheless, remains unchanged.  Sometimes we've opted for the clarinet version, sometimes the viola version, and sometimes a conflation of the two.  We have also made a few adaptive

  • beach op40 nsm 245px3 Compositions, Op.40, by Amy Beach

    Transcribed for Alto Flute and Piano by C.A.Vater

    Piano Score and Alto Flute Part, PDF $10.50

    Amy Marcy Cheney was born in Henniker, New Hampshire in 1867 and began composing music at the age of four.  Initially home-schooled as a pianist, she continued her music studies in Boston and made her professional debut as a pianist at age 16.   She later became a soloist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  At 18, she married the prominent Boston physician Dr. Henry Harris Aubrey Beach and began using "Mrs. H. H. A. Beach" as her professional name.  She continued to perform occasionally as a pianist, but for many years she focused her musical skills primarily on composing.   After her husband's death in 1910, Mrs. Beach resumed her performing career, beginning with a three year tour of Europe, while also continuing to write music.   Her works were received with great acclaim, and Amy Beach became one of America's leading composers and the first American woman composer to achieve widespread recognition in the United States and abroad.   During her lifetime, she wrote more than 150 numbered works, spanning a variety of genres that included piano pieces, chamber music, orchestral works, sacred choral music,

  • LiQi Fog nsmFog, by Li Qi

    Contemporary Composition for Solo Flute, PDF $5.99

    Fog was written in 2012 by the up-and-coming young composer Li Qi.  In addition to receiving other projects and awards, Li Qi was selected by the Wellesley Chamber Music Workshop to compose the program's commissioned piece for 2016, An Autumn Dusk in the Mountains for flute1, flute2/alto flute, cello, and piano.

    Short, interesting, and challenging, Fog will appeal to advanced flutists and their audiences. Inspired by the poem "Stray Birds" by Rabindranath Tagore, the piece strives to capture in a musical way the recurring interplay between fog and sunlight, as a representation of the circle of life with all its sorrow, joy, and continuously-unfolding beauty.  A recording of a 2012 performance of Fog by Heath White at the Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, has been posted on YouTube; please click the link to listen.

    Our front cover image is from Wikimedia Commons: "The Mount Emei" by pookieevans (CC BY-SA 2.0).


  • vercoe.butterfly.nsmButterfly Effects, by Elizabeth Vercoe

    Contemporary Composition for Flute(s) and Harp

    Flute Part and Harp Score, PDF $26.99

    Butterfly Effects is an intriguing and varied piece in seven sections for flute and harp in which the flutist is asked to play bass, alto, piccolo and concert flutes. The titles are the names of butterflies: Mourningcloak, Banded Blue Pierrot, Common Jezebel, Question Mark, Monkey Puzzle, Karner Blues, and Psyche.

    Excerpted from Elizabeth Vercoe's preface: "Butterfly Effects for flute and harp was written for the duo "2", with flutist Peter H. Bloom and harpist Mary Jane Rupert, who premiered the first parts of the piece in Bangkok and the entire work in Illinois in 2010. Along with the butterflies themselves, a quotation from Zhuangzi was the starting point for the music: "Am I a human who dreamt of being a butterfly or am I now a butterfly who dreams of being human?" The Taoist philosopher's dream illustrates, among other lessons, his sense of oneness with all living beings. // All seven movements are short, some only a minute in length. Mourningcloak, for alto flute and harp, is somber and reflective. Banded Blue Pierrot (concert flute) is short and glittering. Common Jezebel is

  • Fantavia_Image_122011Fantavia, by Elizabeth Vercoe

    Contemporary Composition for Flute and Percussion, PDF $12

    Described by the New York Times as a piece with 'timbral adventures and lovely moments', Fantavia for flute and percussion is based on the rhythms and melodies of North American birdcalls.  Some of the calls are as familiar as the orioles and robins of a suburban back yard, while others like the common loon are recollected on awakening at dawn in the wilderness.  Although a literal transcription was the starting point for each call, the music is intended as a fantasy. Click to preview p1 of Elizabeth Vercoe's Fantavia score.

    ev image flipped caption jpg

    Fantavia has been performed at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, at Merkin Hall in New York, at the National Flute Convention in Colorado and on several U.S. tours of the Armstrong Duo. 

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    to music cover imageTo Music, by Elizabeth Vercoe

    Contemporary Composition for Solo Flute, PDF $6.99

    Dr. Elizabeth Vercoe has been a composer at the St. Petersburg Music Festival in Russia, the Cité International des Arts in Paris, and the MacDowell Colony, and held the Acuff Chair of Excellence at Austin Peay State University in 2003. She has won many awards, commissions, and publications along with grants from the Artists Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. Her music is recorded on the Centaur, Capstone, Owl, Leonarda, and Parma labels and is published in print edition by Arsis Press.  

    To Music (2003) is a short, atmospheric solo for flute in four contrasting sections.  At times the music is virtuosic, occasionally calling for multiphonics and other special effects. The titles of the four sections are taken from the haunting poetry of the Russian writer, Anna Akhmatova, a poet deeply interested in music.  

    Click to access a ...

  • vercoe1Duos, by Elizabeth Vercoe

    Original Compositions for 2 Flutes, $0.00 (free!)

    Elizabeth Vercoe's Duos for two flutes are available as free downloads from the composer's own website at  Dr. Vercoe kindly offered to allow Noteworthy Sheet Music, LLC to make these duets available from our website as well.  The Duos are "fun and quite easy. They are suitable for intermediate students."

    Photo of Elizabeth Vercoe courtesy of Caroline Alden.

    Just click on the links below to download the Duos at no charge:

    Duo 1  for 2 flutes

    Duo 2  for 2 flutes

    Duo 3  for 2 flutes


  • vercoe.kleemation nsmKleemation, by Elizabeth Vercoe

    Original Composition for Flute and Piano

    Flute Part and Piano Score, PDF $16.95

    Kleemation for flute and piano is in five short movements based on five drawings by Paul Klee titled: Goodbye to You, Please!, Afraid on the Beach, More Will Be Marching Soon, and Woman Sowing Weeds.  Described as "highly abstract yet accessible," the piece was commissioned by Austin Peay University in Tennessee and received its premiere there in 2003.  The New England premiere was at the Duxbury Art Museum in 2004 by the duo "2" (flutist Peter H. Bloom and pianist Mary Jane Rupert).  "2" has since performed the piece on tours in the U.S., Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.  Click to read a testimonial to Elizabeth Vercoe's composition Kleemation written by Mr. Bloom. kleemation cd

    Kleemation was recorded by "2" and can be heard on the PARMA


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