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  • Bauer - Sonata - Alto Flute

    bauer op.22 nsmSonata, Op.22, by Marion Bauer

    Transcribed for Alto Flute by Peter H. Bloom (originally for viola)

    Alto Flute Part, PDF $11.79

    The following notes are excerpted, with permission, from the complete copyrighted foreword written by Peter H. Bloom for the Noteworthy Sheet Music edition of his transcription:

    "The career of Marion Eugenie Bauer (1882-1955) as a composer, editor, writer, teacher, supportive colleague and mentor continues to assert a significant impact on the trajectory of American Music.  It's mysterious that her legacy has been so rarely recalled and her music so infrequently performed in the six decades following her death.  ...  In 1906 she was the first of generations of American composers to study in Paris with the redoubtable Nadia Boulanger.  ...  We're fortunate that the composer crafted her own superb transcription of this sonata for clarinet and piano.  In order to achieve the equivalent musical impact, her viola and clarinet versions differ in some places.  The piano part, nevertheless, remains unchanged.  Sometimes we've opted for the clarinet version, sometimes the viola version, and sometimes a conflation of the two.  We have also made a few adaptive

  • Beach - 3 Compositions - Alto Flute & Piano

    beach op40 nsm 245px3 Compositions, Op.40, by Amy Beach

    Transcribed for Alto Flute and Piano by C.A.Vater

    Piano Score and Alto Flute Part, PDF $10.50

    Amy Marcy Cheney was born in Henniker, New Hampshire in 1867 and began composing music at the age of four.  Initially home-schooled as a pianist, she continued her music studies in Boston and made her professional debut as a pianist at age 16.   She later became a soloist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  At 18, she married the prominent Boston physician Dr. Henry Harris Aubrey Beach and began using "Mrs. H. H. A. Beach" as her professional name.  She continued to perform occasionally as a pianist, but for many years she focused her musical skills primarily on composing.   After her husband's death in 1910, Mrs. Beach resumed her performing career, beginning with a three year tour of Europe, while also continuing to write music.   Her works were received with great acclaim, and Amy Beach became one of America's leading composers and the first American woman composer to achieve widespread recognition in the United States and abroad.   During her lifetime, she wrote more than 150 numbered works, spanning a variety of genres that included piano pieces, chamber music, orchestral works, sacred choral music,

  • Beach - Ecstasy - Voice (or Afl), Alto Flute (or Cl), and Piano

    Beach Ecstasy nsmEcstasy, Op.19 No.2, by Mrs. H. H. A. Beach

    Two versions, for "Low voice (in Db)" or "High voice (in Eb)", with Alto Flute Obbligato (transcribed) and Piano.
    Alternative parts for Alto Flute Solo and Bb Clarinet Obbligato.
    Program Notes by Peter H. Bloom.

    Piano Scores, Voice Parts, Alto Flute Obbligato Parts, and alternative Alto Flute Solo Parts and Clarinet Obbligato Parts; PDF $8.99

    Noteworthy Sheet Music is thrilled to publish our edition of Amy Marcy Cheney Beach's song Ecstasy in 2017, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the composer's birth. The idea to make Ecstasy available to a broader combination of players and singers came from flutist Peter H. Bloom, who proposed that the piece would be an excellent vehicle with which instructors might inform students (early and advanced alike) about interpretation of the highly romantic late 19th century idiom. To that end, we have packaged together in a single edition Mrs. H. H. A. Beach's two versions of Ecstasy, for "low voice (in Db)" and "high voice (in Eb)", with each version including transcriptions of the obbligato (originally for violin) for either alto flute in G or clarinet in Bb, and an alternative solo part in the form of an alto flute transcription of the voice line. Thus, multiple performance variations

  • Bloom - Ablaze She Came in the Dream - Flute, Cello, and Guitar

    Bloom Ablaze-Fl-Vc-Guit nsmAblaze She Came in the Dream, by Peter H. Bloom

    Contemporary Composition for Flute, Cello, and Guitar (or Electric Guitar)

    Flute, Cello, & Guitar Parts, and Score, PDF $22.97

    Ablaze She Came in the Dream by flutist Peter H. Bloom was scored in its original version for flute, viola, and guitar.  This intriguing piece comprises eleven brief episodes, which may be repeated any number of times.  It is intended to serve as an interpretive vehicle for the performers and thus should be executed freely and expressively.  Ablaze received its premier performance in November, 2014, in Boston as part of the Church of the Advent Library Concert Series and featured Mr. Bloom on flute, Frank Grimes on viola, and Anastasiya Dumma on electric guitar.

    In the spring of 2016, NSM received a request

  • Bloom - Ablaze She Came in the Dream - Flute, Viola, and Guitar

    Bloom Ablaze nsm245rAblaze She Came in the Dream, by Peter H. Bloom

    Contemporary Composition for Flute, Viola, and Guitar (or Electric Guitar)

    Flute, Viola, & Guitar Parts and Score, PDF $22.97

    Flutist Peter H. Bloom is no stranger to Noteworthy Sheet Music or to our customers, as he has contributed several popular arrangements and transcriptions to our catalog and he also serves as an editorial consultant for NSM.

    Now we are very pleased to offer this newly published (2014) and highly intriguing original composition by Mr. Bloom entitled Ablaze She Came in the Dream.  The piece comprises eleven brief episodes written for the unusual trio combination of flute, viola, and guitar (or electric guitar).   Ablaze is intended to serve as an interpretive vehicle for the performers and thus should be executed freely and expressively.   The work is suitable for advanced players.

    Click to access a recording of the premier performance of Ablaze which took place on November 21,

  • Bloom - From the Drawer - Tenor or Soprano and Saxophone Quartet

    Bloom From-the-Drawer Voice-Saxophones nsmFrom the Drawer, for Voice and Saxophones, by Peter H. Bloom

    Contemporary Composition for Tenor or Soprano, with Saxophone Quartet

    Score and Parts, PDF $13.99

    Boston-based flutist Peter H. Bloom created two versions of his composition From the Drawer, the edition listed here for Tenor or Soprano with Saxophone Quartet (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and baritone saxophone) and a second edition for Tenor or Soprano with Flute (doubling Piccolo), Clarinet, Bassoon, and Horn; both editions have been published by Noteworthy Sheet Music. The score provides a musical setting for the intensely emotional

  • Bloom - From the Drawer - Tenor or Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn

    Bloom FTD nsmFrom the Drawer, by Peter H. Bloom

    Contemporary Composition for Tenor or Soprano, with Flute (doubling Piccolo), Clarinet in B-flat, Bassoon, and Horn in F

    Score and Parts, PDF $13.99

    Peter H. Bloom is a Boston-based flutist, whose original compositions and arrangements are published by Noteworthy Sheet Music.  From the Drawer was written for Tenor or Soprano, with Flute (doubling Piccolo), Clarinet, Bassoon, and Horn, and provides a musical setting for the intensely emotional poem by Constantine Cavafy.

    Here are Peter Bloom's comments about From the Drawer from the composer's preface (Copyright © 2015) to the edition:

    "Constantine Cavafy’s 1923 poem, From the Drawer, captures the acerbic condition of longing, the impossibly private nature of affection, and the occultation of time. Its poignancy is universal; transcending gender, age, era, place, and even translation. Rather than rely on one particular translation of Cavafy’s text, I’ve drawn on a number of versions to arrive at a paraphrase that both informs and is shaped by the

  • Densmore - The Voice and The Flute - Sop, Fl, Pf

    Densmore.CoverThe Voice and The Flute, by John H. Densmore

    Aria for Soprano and Flute

    Facsimile Edition by Noteworthy Sheet Music

    Piano Score and Part, $8.99

    The Voice and The Flute is a work composed by John H. Densmore for soprano, flute, and piano, with lyrics written by Mary Gardenia.  Densmore was a native of Somerville, Massachusetts; he graduated from Harvard '04 and is perhaps best known for having composed the Harvard fight song "Veritas".  Our edition of Densmore's Aria for Soprano and Flute is a facsimile reproduction of the original 1922 edition published by the composer, and contains both the piano score and the part for the voice and the flute.  Click to preview p1 of the score.

    Piano, Flute, & Voice score, 12 pages; Flute & Voice part, 6 pages; Total, 21 pages.

    Detlor - Song for Eric Dolphy - Flute (or Alto Flute) Alone

    Detlor-Cover-image-web-rSong for Eric Dolphy, by Len Detlor

    Edited and with a Preface by Peter H. Bloom

    Contemporary Composition for Flute (or Alto Flute) Alone, $14.15

    Mr. Bloom, in his Preface to Song for Eric Dolphy, writes: "Len Detlor (1941-2008) was anLen_Detlor_with_caption extraordinary artist whose creative vision, masterful technique, and depth of humanity transcended medium and category. As a composer, saxophonist and flutist, arranger, and music director, he was devoted to musical expression that was both elegantly structured and unconstrained." Len Detlor composed this evocative piece as a tribute to the legendary saxophonist, clarinetist, and flutist Eric Dolphy (1928-1964), whose recordings remain highly influential across musical genres and generations.

    Flute part, 7 pages; Total, 10 pages.

  • Dieter - The Golden “Reade” Flute - Flute & Piano

    dieter the golden reade flute nsmThe Golden "Reade" Flute, by Eugene A. Dieter

    Flute Part and Piano Score ― PDF $7.99

    Elmer Reade (1898-1986), to whom The Golden "Reade" Flute is dedicated, served a long and distinguished career, first as a flutist with the U.S. Army Band and then as a conductor and music director of the Air Force Band at Mitchell Field, New York.  Eugene A. Dieter graduated from the first class of the US Army Music School in 1941 and was appointed a bandmaster.  Following the Second World War, Dieter accepted a bandmaster position with the Air Force Band and remained active until his retirement in 1966.  Likely, it was as an Air Force band colleague of Elmer Reade's that Dieter was inspired to compose The Golden "Reade" Flute. (excerpted from the foreword © by P. H. Bloom)

    Not at all militaristic in character, The Golden "Reade" Flute is more a lovely barcarole, a single Andante moderato movement in 6/8 time.  It offers interesting writing for both parts, so flutist and pianist will be equally pleased.  The title refers to the gold flute by William S. Haynes upon which Reade regularly performed.

    Click to preview p1 of The Golden "Reade" Flute score for flute and


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