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bloom ablaze nsmAblaze She Came in the Dream, by Peter H. Bloom

Contemporary Composition for Flute, Viola, and Guitar (or Electric Guitar), $22.97

Flutist Peter H. Bloom is no stranger to Noteworthy Sheet Music or to our customers, as he has contributed several popular arrangements and transcriptions to our catalog and he also serves as an editorial consultant for NSM.

Now we are very pleased to offer this newly published (2014) and highly intriguing original composition by Mr. Bloom entitled "Ablaze She Came in the Dream".  The piece comprises eleven brief episodes written for the unusual trio combination of flute, viola, and guitar (or electric guitar).   Ablaze is intended to serve as an interpretive vehicle for the performers and thus should be executed freely and expressively.   The work is suitable for advanced players.

Click to access a recording of the premier performance of Ablaze which took place on November 21, 2014 in Boston, MA, as part of the Church of the Advent Library Concert Series.  The performance features Peter H. Bloom on flute, Frank Grimes on viola, and Anastasiya Dumma on electric guitar.

Click to preview the first page of episode #1 and the first page of episode #2 from the score of Ablaze for flute, viola, and guitar.

Score, 23 pages; Flute Part, 11 pages; Guitar Part, 12 pages; Viola Part, 12 pages; Total, 66 pages.